Thursday, December 31, 2009

Annie the Lab Mix dog hand painted ornament

A custom hand painted ornament. I prefer to use the Martha Stewart 3 inch glass ornaments. She comes out with new, interesting colors every year, so they are fun to paint. I used a sage green ornament for this yellow lab mix, named Annie.

Ellie Mae White Bull Terrier

This is a small 8x8 portrait I painted of Ellie Mae, or Ch. Action Chaos and Charisma. Ellie is the sweetest dog, and like many bull terriers, she is a clown at heart.

Two Little Yorkies

I was commissioned to paint a portrait of 2 Yorkies, Caesar and Buddy. My client had a long, narrow spot that she wanted to place the painting in. I incorporated the bench and hydrangeas and placed the 2 dogs in the middle. She loved it!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Frida the Chihuahua in honor of Frida Kahlo

I was commissioned about 2 years ago to paint a portrait of a a Brindle Chihuahua. The dogs' owner is a big fan of Freda Kahlo, so I decided to the paint the portrait in the style of Freda Kahlo. The dog's regal pose worked perfectly for this portrait.

Mr. Bailey the Corgi (ornament)

This little Corgi is named Mr. Bailey, after George Bailey in "A Wonderful Life". It is the perfect name for this little dog. He is really sweet. I painted this ornament for a friend this year.

Custom painted ornament of my dog Jake

This is our beloved dog, Jake. He likes to snuggle on my son's bed. We adopted Jake 8 years ago from a great rescue group named Animals for Life in Middlebury CT. He brings us joy and laughter every day. When we adopted him he was 8 months old and had been given away 4 times. It took him a long time to understand that when he went in the car with us, he wasn't being given away. After a rough start in life, he now owns the house and our hearts.

Custom Painted Items from 2009

A faux pumpkin I painted of George, the American Quarter horse.